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What are Megatam's specialties?

Technical consulting and planning

Providing comprehensive consulting and conducting technological research, application planning, understanding the need, and formulating a matching solution.

Developing Web-Based Systems

Developing responsive and accessible systems and websites, developing complex and innovative systems, along with hosting and managing servers.

Developing Mobile Apps

We specialize in the development of Android and iOS applications, overseeing the entire process from the initial planning and design phases through to the final distribution and launch in app stores.

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From concept to final product

Advanced technological capabilities

We possess professional knowledge in a range of advanced technologies, utilizing the most sophisticated technical capabilities for each product we develop, tailored to the specific need. Our expertise includes interfacing with third-party services, specializing in real-time capabilities as required, researching and developing innovative technologies, analysis, and more

Navigating complexity for startups and businesses

We have experience in developing advanced web applications and systems for entrepreneurs and companies. Development begins with code written based on the previously conducted technical specification, a structured document that includes flowcharts, screen layouts, functional flows, and more, taking into account future plans and establishing a robust infrastructure for the software. Throughout the development process, we focus on innovation, flexibility, and perfect alignment with client needs. Additionally, we ensure each system has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices and tablets

  • TypeScript
  • NestJS
  • SvelteJS
  • html_css_Js_b
  • mongodb
  • ionic
  • vueJS
  • reactJs&native
  • nodeJs
  • laravel